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-When Danny and Linda have money troubles, Erin asks Danny to pick up extra work protecting a witness, Vance Bradley.

-Vance, a highly successful, jet setting, photographer offers Danny a job as head of security at four times his current salary making Danny consider leaving the force.

-Danny realizes that Vance's wife has been trying to kill him. She wasn't happy he was donating so much money to charity.  Danny decides to stay on the force.

-When Frank tells Henry he doesn't think he's fit to drive any longer, the two argue.  Frank asks Erin for help.

-When Linda's old minivan catches on fire and they have no money for a new vehicle, Henry gives them his car.

-When Vinny hits on a pretty street vendor, she asks them to check on her son but she actually sends them to an apartment where marijuana is being distributed.

-Jamie investigates further and realizes that Rhonda is selling her own weed and sent them to take out her competition. The officers track her down and arrest her.

Blue Bloods
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Blue Bloods Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

Favorite part of my day. Dinner with my old man.


Linda: What do I do if that weird noise comes back?
Danny: Just turn up the radio.