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-Bobby Mulrow, decorated detective of the NYPD's International Liaison Unit is kidnapped by a Malaysian terrorist group.  Omar Sayid wants his brother, Abdul released from prison or Mulrow dies.

-Danny works with Det. Croft from the International Liaisons Unit to try and find Detective Mulrow.  Even though Frank isn't supposed to negotiate with terrorists, he has Abdul released into Danny and Croft's custody.

-They make Abdul think they are handing him over to Malaysian special forces and he gives up the address where Det. Mulrow is being held.  They find him alive.

-It's been 60 years since Henry first joined the NYPD and to celebrate he goes on a ride along with Jamie.  When Henry sides with Jamie's partner on how to handle a stop, Jamie takes offense believing his grandfather thinks he's a bad cop.

-Later Henry praises Jamie when his methods solve the situation.

Blue Bloods
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Blue Bloods Season 3 Episode 5 Quotes

Make sure that he keeps his gun at home.


I just wonder if I'll ever get a big boy office like this one day.