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Betty Lowe approaches Frank at a press conference and convinces him to reopen her daughter's murder case from 10 year ago.

The new investigation shows that the detective in charge may have coerced an eye witness' testimony but reopening the case may mean that the serial killer linked to it may be able to appeal his other convictions. 

Frank tells Betty his office has opened an internal investigation to find more evidence and the detective is under investigation by Internal Affairs.

John Russell, a combat veteran suffering from severe PTSD beats his wife and kidnaps his son. Danny and Baez manage to track him down and save his son, but John jumps to his death. Danny says it was an accident in his report in the hopes of saving the family from added grief. 

Jack does a school project and learns that four generations of Reagan men have served in combat and become police officers. 

As Jack is now 13 year old, he is taken on the annual Reagan Manly Man camping trip. 

Blue Bloods
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Blue Bloods Season 4 Episode 13 Quotes

Frank: Just remember what Sister Margaret Mary always said.
Danny: Are you really going to tell me to play well with others?

Frank: You didn't seem eager to protect me from that reporter.
Garrett: Sometimes I think it's the reporters that need protecting.