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Anna Markovic a young woman from Serbia arrives in NYC lured to a youth hostel that doesn’t exist. She manages to call 911 before she’s taken away by her captors. Danny and Baez want to investigate. Jamie’s partner Eddie is pulled in to the undercover operation because she fits the profile and speaks Serbian. 

Jamie tells Eddie he doesn’t think this operation is a good idea, not because he doubts her abilities but because they have so little information and the undercover operation was hastily put together. Eddie explains that she wants her opportunity to prove herself and feels a connection to Anna because she reminds her of her own mother. 

Undercover, Eddie is taken to a secret brothel. She manages to take down her captor as backup arrives. 

Sarah Grant asks Frank to walk her down the aisle at her wedding. He was the cop on her case when her family was murdered when she was 7-years-old. The killer, Donald Berry is part of a Restorative Justice program in prison. He sends Sarah a letter asking to meet with her. Sarah agrees and Frank insists on going with her.

Donald is now an old man who explains that he was mentally ill but is now on medication. That he tried to kill himself and was upset when the guards stopped him but know he’s found God and helps other prisoners. He’s only sorry that he can’t save Sarah. Sarah is unmoved. She shows him photos of her family who won’t be there for her wedding and tells him if he is really sorry he will try and kill himself and get it right this time.

Erin meets Henry’s new girlfriend Sylvia but doesn’t trust her. She runs a background check and finds out there is a warrant for Sylvia’s arrest in Florida for Grand Larceny. Henry is disappointed by has Sylvia arrested. 

Blue Bloods
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Blue Bloods Season 5 Episode 18 Quotes

Danny: When we were calling the wheel looking for someone who spoke Serbian you were the only one in the entire department who fit age and physical profile.
Eddie: I hope that means young and hot.

(about Eddie) She's the best. She's tough as nails. I trust her with my life.