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Jamie tries to help Tina McDermott who has been beaten up by her ex-boyfriend but she runs in fear. Shortly thereafter, she ends up beaten to death and the ex targets Jamie for trying to help. When a masked attacker throws a molotov cocktail  at Jamie and Eddie's patrol car, Jamie ends up with a protective detail.

When Danny and Baez bring in the stalker, Jamie and Eddie are unable to identifty him in a lineup. Later, the guy grabs Eddie off the street while she's off duty and on her cell to Jamie. Jamie, Danny and Baez manage to intercept the car he's driving with Eddie duct taped in the back seat before he can make it to his garage to kill her. 

Henry shoots his mouth off at a fundraiser about how he would have handled a threat against one of his officers and it ends up being recorded and going viral on social media. When Frank refuses to talk to him about it, Garrett does but it only becomes an argument. 

Nicky doesn't get into Rutgers University when she calls one of her teachers a bitch on Twitter. Erin makes her apologize to the teacher and realizes that the teacher holds a grudge against the entire Reagan family. 




Blue Bloods
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Blue Bloods Season 5 Episode 5 Quotes

Tina: Look, I'm fine.
Jamie: Those bruises on your face say different.

Baez: He give you anything?
Danny: Yeah, a stubborn attitude.
Baez: A Reagan. I'm shocked