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Danny chases down a man who robbed a convenience store. When the suspect is cornered, he throws himself out of a third story window and claims Danny threw him. 

Reverend Potter turns it into a media circus and Frank feels he can't respond until he gets all the facts, giving Potter the media spotlight to weave a tale of police brutality. 

A kid, Ernesto Rodriguez saw the man jump and backs Danny's story. His family is illegal and they disappear in the middle of the night.

Frank meets with Reverend Potter in private. The Reverend wants Danny to retire or he will bring Ernesto to the media and have him say he saw Danny threw the man out the window. Frank later confronts Potter with proof that he is hiding Ernesto and his family and trying to buy him off. Potter backs off and Ernesto confirms Danny's story to the media.

Jamie meets Dr. Jennifer Bennett when he and Eddie have to bring a suspect into the ER. He and Jennifer begin dating and despite her protestations, Eddie is jealous.

Eddie asks to partner with McKenna for the day. Jamie accuses her of being upset he's dating the doctor. She explains that McKenna is running an undercover op and needs a female officer. She later admits that she was jealous but tells Jamie to have fun on his date that they will be fine.

Frank ask Sgt. Gormley to come work for him. He needs a cop's cop at 1PP. He makes him Special Assistant to the Commissioner. 

Blue Bloods
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Blue Bloods Season 5 Episode 4 Quotes

I might have told the guy to get your hands against the wall or I'll throw you out the window.


Baez: You're annoying. You know that?
Danny: I've been told.