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Frank’s former partner, Lenny Ross, is writing a book about all the true stories about he and Frank. It’s called “Back in the Day” and Frank is concerned about how many details concerning their past that Lenny will publish. Frank considers letting it go until Garrett reads a piece of the book and says it could destroy Frank’s credibility within the community. 

Frank tries to talk to Lenny but he sees nothing wrong with publishing the book and thinks Frank is making a big deal out of nothing. Their lawyers will have to fight it out. But when Danny and Jamie mention that Frank comes off as an infallible cop, he decides to let the book be published and writes a forward to go along with it. 

Danny comes home and finds Jack has a black eye. He says he got it playing basketball but Danny doesn’t believe him. Turns out Jack is being bullied by a football player who forces him to feed him test answers. Jack doesn’t want to be a snitch and rat him out to the school so Danny comes up with another plan. He has Jack spike the kid’s brownie with ipecac to induce vomiting. Then Jack tells him to find another nerd to cheat off of. 

Erin is called to the scene of a mass shooting in a bar where Robert McQueen, one of the D.A.’s investigators was one of the victims. McQueen got off one shot on the shooter before he died and the shooter got away. The young woman, Jenny Egan was with McQueen at the bar and was also killed. 

The shooter is later found dead thanks to McQueen’s bullet. He was connected to the mob. Turns out Jenny Egan was a witness to a case involving bid rigging concerning Hurricane Sandy rebuilds but the case was dropped when witness starting disappearing or dying. Erin thinks that Jenny may have had new information on the case and now she and McQueen are both dead. 

The father of the ADA David Harris who ran the Hoff Construction case is Senator Stanford Harris. Harris led a delegation to Albany to secure $3 billion in state aid to repair damages caused by Hurricane Sandy. The bids Hoff Construction were accused of rigging were all about Sandy rebuilds. 

David over hears Erin talking about the case and tries to shoot himself but is stopped. David gave his father the confidential witness list for the case but didn’t believe anyone would get hurt. McQueen was his good friend. Erin tells David that if he wants to save himself he needs to testify against his father. Senator Harris is arrested for murder.

Jamie and Eddie are asked to help with a detective’s investigation into a home invasion case. Turns out Eddie wants to be a detective but Jamie does not. 

An officer in trouble call comes in as Jamie and Eddie are sitting on a stakeout. Jamie insists on responding and runs to it on foot while Eddie insists on staying behind because that was the lead detective’s order and she ends up noticing a detail that breaks the case and catches the home invasion suspect they’re after.

In the end, the officer in trouble call was a false alarm but Jamie is still furious with Eddie. He says if she ever doesn’t respond to an officer in trouble call again she can find another partner. The next day, they talk and decide they may be on different paths but that it is okay and they have each other’s backs. 

Blue Bloods
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Blue Bloods Season 6 Episode 11 Quotes

What I do know is if that book gets published, you're handing your enemies a bat to beat you with, with nails sticking out of the business end.


Linda: Hey, how was your day.
Danny: Same as usual. Ridding the city from the forces of evil.