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Eddie is asked to go on an undercover operation as bait for a man attacking women walking home alone. Jamie is worried and asks her not to take the case, but she says he’s never known what it’s like to be afraid to walk home alone so he doesn’t understand why this is important to her. Jamie alludes to not trusting the lead detective but gives Eddie no specifics and the two argue over it. 

Eddie goes undercover in the park and is attacked. Jamie swoops in to the rescue when he feels the lead detective didn’t intervene soon enough because he wanted an arrest for assault instead of just robbery. Eddie later tells Jamie that he can’t always try to protect her. 

After a city-wide blackout, there are complaints that a large house development was left without police presence. When Frank has Sid look into it, it turns out that the mayor called Chief Russo and told him to move more police to specific, higher-end areas. Russo thought he was saving the Police Commissioner a headache by not contacting him and going along with the Mayor’s request. Frank feels he jumped the chain of command and left poorer citizens unprotected and tells Sid to fire Russo

Sid pushes Frank to reconsider, saying that not everyone is capable of standing up to power the way Frank can and that Russo’s intent wasn’t malicious. Frank agrees to offer Russo either a demotion or early retirement, as a message needs to be sent that emergency protocols cannot be ignored in order to appease those with connections. 

After the blackout, a woman is found dead in Ben Wilson’s apartment. He’s been in London the last two weeks and has never seen the dead woman lying on his sofa. 

Evan Walker files a missing person’s report on his fiancee, Michelle Halper, who turns out to be the Jane Doe on the sofa. Evan says he used the HouseSwap app to book Ben Wilson’s apartment. 

Turns out the doorman was renting out tenant’s apartments for extra money when they went away. Ben’s crazy ex-girlfriend, Clarissa, came over, found Michelle asleep on Ben’s sofa and wearing an engagement ring, and in a jealous rage, she killed her. Ben calls Clarissa telling her what she did and before Danny and Baez can get to her, she jumps off of her building killing herself. 

When Shelly Dowd, a battered woman says her husband forced her to be a part of an armed robbery or he’d hurt their son, Erin drops the charges. Later, Shelly is arrested for selling drugs to a minor and Erin’s boss berates her for letting the woman go. They decide to prosecute Shelly for the robbery and the drugs. 

Erin and Anthony uncover that Shelly’s mother-in-law planted the drugs on her and called the police so that she could get custody of her grandson. They drop the drug charges. Erin stands up to her boss and drops the robbery charges as well, saying that prosecuting Shelly does not serve justice. Her boss tells her that she owes him one and he collects with interest. 



Blue Bloods
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Blue Bloods Season 9 Episode 4 Quotes

You undermine a leader from above, he’s dead as a leader.


Eddie: Do you have any idea how many times I’ve walked home at night, alone, a couple of drinks in me? How many times I’ve thought maybe this is it? Tonight’s the night I become the victim.
Jamie: So you make yourself a victim?
Eddie: The answer is no, you don’t know.
Jamie: I don’t see why you should hang yourself out there like a piece of bait for some creep.
Eddie: Of course you don’t, because you’ve never been afraid to walk home alone at night. You have no idea what that feels like.
Jamie: I’m not saying I do.
Eddie: Well then, respectfully, back off.