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Sydney is in the bathroom and talks about her case and the family involved including Edgar, his wife, and child.

Six weeks earlier she's in a deposition room questioning the plaintiff regarding a medical case. She attacks with abandon and wins the case.

Her father visits her in her office and tells her her mother has died. She's in the car with Briana and then goes into the house where her father is talking about her mother.

Anthony and Jake talk briefly about Sydney. Later, Sydney and her father are talking in a drawing room. Her and her father are estranged.

He shows her some information about a case and talks briefly about her working for the dark side. He wants to know how she'd beat him.

She shares and tells him he won't win. He wants her back in his firm. She declines and talks about why she doesn't like him.

Sydney shows up at his firm the next day.

She presents an angle regarding Edgar's case. The trial begins. She's questioning a witness for the defendent. Anthony questions another witness. Then it's Elijah's turn.

The case is against Amerifarm and their chemical greencoat.

Jake is meeting with a Mr. Bell who Elijah gave his case to. It's a civil rights violation case. Bell explains the issue.

Back at the office, Jake talks to Sydney about his murder case and asks for her to introduce him to her ex husband.

She introduces Robbie to Jake. There's no love loss between Sydney and Robbie. Jake determines that Robbie is still in love with Sydney.

Sydney meets with the lawyer for Amfarm regarding a settlement. Sydney decides to wait outside because she thinks the guy is lying.

Elijah and Sydney fight outside. He tries to reason with her about Sanford's action. The trial continues but Sanford challenges Sydney's witnesses and the judge takes their side.

Sydney can't control her mouth and ends up in jail.

Robbie gets her out.

The rest of the team complain about Sydney when she walks in. Della tells Elijah to talk to Sydney which he does and they have a deep conversation about law. She's afraid of losing.

She wants to know how he does it. He tells her he'll help her.

Jake stops in Della's office to bounce ideas off her about Bell's case. He thinks Bell was framed and wants to know why he's claiming guilt. She gives him advice. And he starts analyzing the case again.

Emerson is researching info about AmeriFarm and comes up with something interesting which he shares immediately with Briana.

Elijah questions Edgar about his symptoms and conversation with AmeriFarm's customer service. He explains why he jumped in the car with the spray so it wouldn't reach the water and the cihldren.

The other side's new lawyer uses a strategy like Sydney used to and rips apart Edgar.

Emerson gets to the courthouse with the information he found and tells Sydney. It's a new witness who was threatened by AmeriFarm. The woman doesn't want to testify.

She leaves and Elijah goes out to talk to the woman to try and convince her otherwise.

Jake is meeting with Bell again and tries to convince him and questions him about why he pled guilty. He tries to convince him to appeal. He agrees.

Another day at trial and Elijah brings Dr. Deemer to the chair which the defense objects. They meet in the judge's chambers. She allows them to question her but they can't ask about any of her testing.

Sydney has a plan and starts her questioning. Chaos erupts and both Elijah and Sydney end up in jail.

Sydney gives the final argument to the jury. Jake talks to Sydney about his case when she gets a text about the verdict.

The jury votes in Edgar's favor. They get a buttload of damages almost 46 million dollars. The team celebrates.

The next day Elijah and Sydney discuss a new case.  Then she wants to talk about changes to the firm. Emerson walks in and calls Elijah dad. New twist.





















Bluff City Law
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Bluff City Law Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

Elijah: She said: "Why measure yourself by money when you have the chance to change the world."

Everyone likes to tell you how this work is noble or rewarding. But what they don't tell you is if you lose, it destroys you.