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Jimmy returns to Atlantic City this week on Boardwalk Empire, complicating his own life as well as his wife’s. Angie’s painting aspirations, and romantic interests, are put aside when her husband returns. Jimmy begins tracking down the D’Alessio brothers, intent on killing them all. With his mother’s help, he captures Luciano and finds out about the brothers’ connection to Rothstein.

Rothstein wants to smuggle in whiskey from England, but won’t do business with Nucky anymore; so, he has the brothers sign life insurance policies before having them take care of Nucky.

Before Jimmy can discreetly kill Luciano, Van Alden intercepts the two and arrests Jimmy based on the testimony of Billy Winslow. Van Alden seems to have a solid case against Jimmy, until his primary witness, Billy, is killed by Agent Sebso on the way out of town. Sebso, having hidden Jimmy’s telegrams from his partner, appears to be working for Nucky.

After finding out that Madame Jeunet cannot afford the cost of doing business on the boardwalk (mostly because of Nucky’s high payoff rates), Margaret learns that she can easily manipulate her powerful lover into helping out others. Once she gets Nucky to lessen Jeunet’s financial burden, she uses Jeunet’s gratitude to get an expensive dress.

Nucky’s concern for his brother is overshadowed by his anxiety over the upcoming elections.  The incumbent Republican mayor is losing ground to the new Democratic candidate and Eli will be unable to campaign due to his injuries. In a shrewd business move, Nucky appoints Deputy Halloran acting sheriff and backs a new Republican for the mayoral nomination. In the episode’s last scene, someone tries to shoot him on the boardwalk. Luckily, Eddie’s intervention prevents either him or Margaret from being shot.

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