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The D’Alessio brothers’ failed attempt on Nucky’s life opens them up to harsh retaliation this week on Boardwalk Empire. Mickey, concerned with saving his own neck, reveals the depths of Rothstein’s plans and the D’Alessios’ actions to his former employer, Nucky. Using Chalky, Nucky is able to lure in Rothstein’s “Mr. Lewis” and two of the D’Alessio brothers. Both brothers are brutally murdered, but Nucky sends back Rothstein’s man back to New York to warn his employer.

Agent Sebso is exonerated of all wrongdoing in the death of Billy Winslow, and the decision upsets Van Alden who is blamed for ruining the case against Nucky and Jimmy. He confronts Margaret at her home, accusing her of consorting with the man who murdered her husband, and offers to save her from the fires of hell. She is shaken, but asks him to leave. Van Alden is so upset by his failed attempt that he visits a speakeasy, gets drunk, and sleeps with Lucy Danzinger.

Nucky also gets some good news about women’s suffrage and asks Margaret to speak to the League of Women voters on the behalf of the new mayoral candidate Edward Bader.  Although upset about her meeting with Van Alden, Margaret gives a rousing speech. Her satisfaction with her speech is cut short when she sees how happy Nucky and his cohorts are with their sly manipulation of the women voters. By the episode’s end, she seems really unsure about herself and her involvement with Nucky.

Angela is still adjusting to Jimmy’s return and it seems like things might be calming down for the happy family, until Tommy points to picture of mommy’s “kissing friend.” Thinking this person is Robert the photographer, Jimmy brutally beats the man on the boardwalk. Later, Angela meets up with Mary who asks her to run away to Paris with her.

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