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It's All Hallows Eve once again at the Belcher home and a visit from a jittery exterminator convinces Linda and the kids that a ghost is living in their basement. Linda and the kids decide to consult a ouija board to hold a seance in order to communicate with the ghost, who is later named, "Jeff." After the rumor about the haunting starts spreading around town, business starts booming and Bob decides to run with it for as long as he can. In the meantime, Tina starts to spend more time with Jeff, who is trapped in one of Linda's shoe boxes, and begins to fall in love with him. Her boxed boyfriend even wins over her classmates, especially the school's mean girl, Tammy who ends up stealing Jeff for herself. Ultimately, it's revealed that Louise manipulated the ouija board and made Jeff up as a Halloween prank. In an attempt to stand up for their heartbroken sister, Louise and Gene head to the local graveyard in order to give Tammy and the other classmates a taste of their own medicine What none of them expected was that Tina had a couple surprises of her own in store for all of them. 










Bob's Burgers
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Bob's Burgers Season 5 Episode 2 Quotes

Bobby, is he squirting poison? The kids just got home and they want to watch.


Two days until trick or treating. What am I supposed to eat until then? Other food?