Watch Bob's Burgers Season 5 Episode 8 online and see what happens when Tina enlists Gene and Louise to help in attain a hall monitor promotion.

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Be sure to watch Bob's Burgers Season 5 Episode 8 right here and right now via TV Fanatic. Tina, the school's strictest, most effective hall monitor, is currently up for a promotion to become the Hall Manatee, the highest position for a hall monitor. Mr. Frond calls Tina and Rudy, who's a rookie hall monitor, into Coach Blevin's office where Zeke has been caught breaking into the office to steal the school's macot costume so he can entertain his grandmother, who's about to go into surgery. Mr. Frond suspends Zeke and asks Tina to escort him to the principal's office. Zeke, tellling Tina he needs a bathroom break, escapes. Mr. Frond confronts Tina, who lies about delivering him, which is witnessed by Rudy, causing him to lose his faith in Tina and vows to bring her to justice. Tina enlists Gene and Louise to help find Zeke and while she ultimatey suceeds, Rudy exposes her deception, causing Mr. Frond to dismiss her as a hall monitor. After overhearing a phone call in the front office, Tina realizes Zeke was telling the truth and steals the costume and enlists her siblings to help Zeke escape from the principal's office. Mr. Frond scolds her for believing Zeke but Tina stands by her belief that people are complicated and even liars can tell the truth. Mr. Frond takes Tina, Rudy, Gene and Louise to the nursing home where Zeke's grandmother lives so he can prove them wrong. Ultimately, it's Mr. Frond who is proven wrong when Zeke runs out in the costume, true to his word.

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On Bob's Burgers Season 5 Episode 8, Tina enlists Gene and Louise to help her snag a hall monitor promotion while Linda displays napkin art in the restaurant.

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Oh "slow" you didn't!


Yeah, let's save "fast and loose" for when you shake your caboose.