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-Ted Harbison dies after he leaves the hospital shortly after his surgery. Megan realizes that three surgical staples weren't properly closed and he bled out internally.

-The surgeon who performed the operation has a reputation for recklessness. Unfortunately, the video was never turned on and this surgery was never recorded.

-The surgical staple gun was tampered with. The guns come in packs of three but this pack was broken up between three surgeries. Megan finds George White, the second patient and performs emergency surgery in his home to save his life.

-The staple guns had traces of a fungus found on bonsai trees. Megan realizes that her former friend Gwen, the hospital administrator works with bonsai trees. Her son died of an overdose while pledging for the fraternity where George White is president. Gwen tampered with the staple guns to kill George, never realizing that the pack would be broken up.

-Kate tells Megan that the third staple gun was found before it was used in a young boy's surgery.

-Ethan autopsies Jessica Archer, a young woman who died from a massive blood clot. Ethan meets with Jessica's sister Karen and the two hit it off. 

-Jessica had a genetic mutation that caused the blood clot. Ethan rushes to find Karen before she leaves town. Being twins, she would have the same condition. Karen is grateful and wants to further her relationship with Ethan.

Body of Proof
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Body of Proof Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

You'd be amazed how many Christmas cards stop coming once you've killed a patient on the operating table.


So how she'd get a blood clot the size of a hotdog?