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-A severed hand and foot have Megan and her team scrambling to piece together the victim's life. The victim's identity is revealed when Ethan finds the victims knee in a plastic bag. The registration number on his knee replacement tells the M.E. that it is Callum O'Donnell.

-The rest of the pieces of Callum's body were stuffed in his freezer, except for his head which is still missing.

-Callum recently won $25,000 at a casino. He was secretly giving the money to his daughter so that she could leave her unhappy marriage and return to art school.

-Callum's physical therapist, Irina found him dead in his tub. He was helping her bring her son over from Bucharest. Fearing that once he was found dead, her son's immigration would stall, she decided to cut his body into pieces to hide it. Irina swears she didn't kill him.

-Megan determines that Callum was killed by a blow to the head with a hammer and that the culprit was someone much taller than Irina. 

-The debris in the wound links back to the building landlord who had the same material on his tools after installing soundproofing for a neighbor. Callum's apartment was the last one under rent control and the landlord wanted him gone so he could turn the building into luxury condos.

-Megan's daughter Lacey films her at work for a school project and gets a whole new appreciation for her mother and what she does.

Body of Proof
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Body of Proof Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

So what your saying is that even when my mom's not in charge, she's in charge.


Megan: Just be on your best behavior and hide the gory stuff.
Ethan: That's a little hard to do in a morgue.