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-A 23 year old social worker, Elena Rosas is found dead in a cheap motel.

-Megan doesn't realize Elena was her patient until she does the autopsy. Megan takes this as a sign that she should take the time to notice the people around her, namely her coworkers.

-Megan finds the bullet that killed Elena went through her arm and was lodged in her torso. The detectives find no GSR at the scene and can't determine where the shot came from.

-Elena had rented the motel room for Sean, a former client who was released from juvenile hall when he turned of age. Elena threatened Sean's sleazy former employer, Vincent to stay away from him.

-When Sean tells detectives that Vincent sold illegal weapons, they assume that he shot Elena but the bullet had traces of baby formula on it.

-The killer was a cocaine addicted mother. Elena was going to take away her child. She shot Elena through the screened window of the motel room.

-Megan and Detective Morris bond over his failing marriage and her divorce. 

Body of Proof
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Body of Proof Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

I can't remember Elena Rosas as a patient but I can remember her as a surgical procedure?


Now here's where you tell me she was made of straw or had three hearts.