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As I'm realizing how much I'm thoroughly enjoying the characters on Body of Proof, "Helping Hand" has Megan finally noticing how little she knows about them. The best part is, she does something to try and change that and the results are both comical and touching.

Elena Rosas was a smart, hard working young woman who helped a lot of people in her short career. Megan was an important influence in her life.

Ironically, Megan doesn't even remember that they'd met.

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When Megan has to open the skull of the dead woman before she notices that she was a former patient, her lack of observation and caring for the living finally hits her. She recognizes the work she did on the woman's brain but not the woman herself. "I can't remember Elena Rosas as a patient but I can remember her as a surgical procedure?"

However awkward, I love that Megan makes an effort to change her behavior.

Curtis isn't about to make this easy on her. It's great that he likes her enough to mess with her a little bit, feeding her incorrect information about Ethan. Nothing makes you a part of the team like falling for a well meaning office prank. In the end Megan and Ethan realize that their love of science is what connects them and it is a nice moment between the co-workers, even if there is no Indian food involved.

Again Peter tries to nudge Megan in the right direction by pointing out that Morris is having marital problems. Her clumsy attempts at offering Morris a sympathetic ear turn both sweet and funny. Neither completely trusts the other but their growing professional respect has the potential to also become a personal friendship.

It's a little surprising how willing Megan is to open up to Morris but she is definitely trying to connect. She's lost a lot: her husband, her daughter, her career. Megan is searching for a sense of family and subconsciously hoping to find it here.

Morris' lines were some of the best this week. As Megan is telling him about the pigeon crap found on the bullet he mutters, "I'm sure this has a point besides utterly grossing me out." Then when he lays down on the seedy motel room bed in order to role play the victim, he tells his partner, "Remind me to boil myself later." I was thinking the same thing.

Peter's story about being a foster kid left me wondering if Megan has any idea about his background and just how these two became partners.

One of the things I'm grateful for on this show is that it never gets too gory. Yes, I am aware that the main character performs autopsies but that doesn't mean I need to see every bloody moment. If I want that I've got CSI and Bones to turn to.

On Body of Proof I'm more interested in the characters than the graphic medical details. Thankfully they continue to give me plenty of what I want.

Helping Hand Review

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I can't remember Elena Rosas as a patient but I can remember her as a surgical procedure?


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