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-Med students find a Jane Doe in their gross anatomy class. Two of the students, as well as their teacher become suspects.

-Jackie O'Shea was running from her past. She was killed with a baseball bat. She also had a baby which is now missing.

-Detective's suspect the baby's father but he swears he didn't know Jackie was pregnant and Bud has a gut feeling it wasn't him. Sam figures out that Shane, one of the med students used to work with Jackie. 

-Turns out Shane's brother, Mitch set up an illegal adoption for Jackie's baby but she was going to back out. When he tried to steal the baby to collect the money, she fought him and he killed her. 

-Bud and Sam find the baby and return it to the father.

-Megan has to fight to spend quality time with Lacy.

Body of Proof
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Body of Proof Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

Fall off and break your leg if you want to. You won't be suing today.


I guess we'll know when the battle of the big ego ends.