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-Daniel Davidson ends up dead after someone renders him unconscious, places him in his car and then pushes it over an embankment.

-Daniel was part of a couples partner swapping community in an up scale cull de sac. He was having sex with Vicki Hemington while his wife Andrea was sleeping with neighbor Kevin Kiser.

-Andrea becomes a suspect when detectives find she took out a $15,000 cash advance. Turns out it was to buy a time share from Vicki which was nothing but a scam.

-Megan finds that Daniel was being poisoned but can't figure out how. When she attends the time share party she and others begin to cry. After Megan tests her tears she realizes the entire cull de sac is being poisoned.

-While evacuating the cull de sac, Bud and Samantha find Kevin Kiser's meth lab. The waste product from the lab has been poisoning the neighborhood.

-When Daniel stumbled across Kevin's backyard lab, he killed him to keep his secret.

-Megan realizes that Kate is having sleep overs with her ex-husband while her daughter is in the house. When Megan's cell phone is broken, Lacey gets sick at school and she can't be reached so Kate takes her home.

-Megan is upset that Kate didn't try harder to find her and the two argue.

-Lacey wasn't sick at all. She admits to Megan that she was afraid she'd fail her science test and didn't want to disappoint Megan since she loves science.

Body of Proof
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Body of Proof Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

Curtis: I'm glad somebody's in bed with the right people.
Megan: We all have our talents.

Peter: Is your paresthesia acting up again?
Megan: No, my mother is.