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-Julie Loeb is shot and killed while hunting with her husband and his grown children.

-Kate takes Megan off the case when she insults Martin Loeb who is a friend of the mayor.

-Julie was pregnant when she was killed but Martin wasn't the father.  Martin says that he's sterile since having prostate cancer and that Julie had gone to a sperm bank.

-Megan's new case is Patrick Deline, an interior designer who was killed by a blow to the head. Turns out Patrick was the father of Julie's child.

-Patrick was Julie's gay friend who she asked to donate sperm.

-When Ethan and Curtis find a hair loss preventative left on the leaves where someone fired on Julie it leads them to the killer.

-Martin's business manager killed Julie because she asked him to do an audit of Martin's assets when she realized she was pregnant. The manager had been stealing from Martin.  Then he learned Patrick was suspicious and he killed him too.

-Megan is uncomfortable about the time Kate is spending with Lacey.  The two argue and decide to put their differences aside to work on the case.

Body of Proof
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Body of Proof Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

I think we have enough dirty laundry around our office without me adding to it.


Dad said he had to force himself to drink beer before he started to like it.