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-A car accident reveals the dead body of Kyle Harrison in the trunk of a car. He was shot standing next to a wall with yellow paint but they can't find the crime scene.

-Kyle never told his wife that he lost his job as an architect.  When the detectives track down a freelance project he was doing at a former job site, they find a woman's dead body in the wall. 

-Evidence of ring worm on the body lead them to Kyle's former boss. Mr. Brandt killed Lisa Schmidt and hid her in the wall when she didn't submit to his sexual advances. Then when Kyle noticed the cracks in the wall, he killed Kyle to hide the first murder.

-Kate gets demoted when her boss isn't happy with the way she handled a press conference during a high profile case. Curtis takes her place.

-Megan's pretends to be Megan online and sets her up on a date with her former landscaper, Aiden Welles. Thankfully, the date goes well.

Body of Proof
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Body of Proof Season 2 Episode 15 Quotes

Megan: Zip it flatfoot, I'm grumpy.
Bud: You're usually Snow White.

Sick means good, which as a doctor I find particularly disturbing.