Body of Proof Review: Bodies In Hiding

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I suppose bodies popping up where you least expect them is one of the "Occupational Hazards" you face as a medical examiner. Apparently, the career also gives you plenty of stories to scare off first dates.

Megan and Lacy's weekend in New York City was cancelled when a dead body was found in the trunk of a car. It was a good thing those newlyweds remembered their seatbelts in that cab. I've had plenty of crazy cab rides but thankfully none where the cabbie has actually passed out behind the wheel. The passengers should be thankful the only victim ended up in the car they hit.

Having the widow feel her baby kick for the first time while identifying her husband's body was heartbreaking. If they were looking to pull at my heartstrings, they succeeded. Big time.


Kyle being killed because he was about to find the body in the wall was almost as sad as Lisa Schmidt's death. No one cared about this girl. Her new boyfriend barely noticed that she was gone when he came back from his trip. No one reported her missing. She was basically killed for wearing a bikini at the pool and turning down some sleazy guy's advances.

Kate's boss had no redeeming value whatsoever. To fire Kate over a mild political slip up and then put Curtis in her place was ridiculous. Not that Curtis couldn't do the job but the political end is certainly more Kate's specialty than Curtis'. 

But this demotion might bring Kate and Megan closer together, which could be fun. 

I was impressed with Kate's talent for facial reconstruction. It's part art, part science but the fact that she did it in clay struck me as odd because I'm so used to Angela on Bones using her computer for these things. Perhaps the Philadelphia office didn't have the budget for the high end software.

Peter's snarky comments about Megan having a May/December romance were funny considering who Peter is dating and I was thrilled that Megan shot back about him dating a virtual teenager.

Aiden was gorgeous but his date with Megan was a little odd. The beans on the burger made my stomach turn and Megan's story about giant hairballs didn't help. It will be interesting to see if this romance continues as we've seen a couple of prospects come and go this season.

So, what do you think of Megan's love life? Will Curtis be able to handle the pressure of his new position? Will Kate be able to take a back seat on her former team on the next Body of Proof?

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