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-Peter runs into a burning house and pulls out Jenna Appleby. Unfortunately, another man, Ben Dupree died in the fire.

-Arson Investigator Ray Easton and his assistant Skip delay Megan's retrieval of the body. Megan and Ray continually argue over the case.

-Jenna's husband Mike is arrested but is set free when Jenna is poisoned in the hospital while Mike is in jail.  Jenna dies of cyanide poisoning.

-Peter suspects Jenna's birth father who wanted nothing to do with her.

-Megan suspects Ray Easton when she determines he owns the weapon used to hit both Ben and Jenna.

-When confronted Ray admits the weapon was given to him by his father and he passed it down to Skip. Skip is arrested as he attacks Peter.

-Jenna knew Skip and saw him coming out of a fire he had just set.  He killed her to cover his crime.

-Peter decides to try and find his birth parents.

Body of Proof
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Body of Proof Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

Megan: Kate has a new boyfriend. My ex-husband.
Bud: Oh.

Megan: I hope you're funnier than he is?
Skip: I know I am.