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-Brynn Walker, a champion equestrian who runs a riding program for felons is found dead in the woods.

-Brynn was dragged by her horse but Lacey points out that saddles have breakaway stirrups so that doesn't happen. Brynn's stirrups were tampered with.

-Felon Zoe Brandt, horse dealer Will Brooks, and Brynn's boyfriend James Savage are all suspects. 

-Someone drugged Brynn with horse euthanasia solution but it wasn't enough to kill her. They also find glitter in her nose and mouth.

-Turns out James makes his own coat shiner for his horse which uses glitter. He was jealous because Brynn continually beat him in competition. When he mistakenly suspected her of cheating on him with Will, he snapped. He rigged the stirrup and drugged her but realized she was still alive after her accident and had to suffocate her.

-Tod plans to take Lacey with him and Kate on a weekend trip to Boston. Megan's upset and talks to Kate. 

-Kate talks to Tod about using Lacey to get back at Kate. He decides that Lacey can stay with Megan instead and even agrees to give her more visitation.

Body of Proof
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Body of Proof Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

Curtis: Those don't look like badass scary horses to me.
Ethan: Horses are never nice.

Never underestimate the power of meth.