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-The dead man on Ethan's table gets up and walks away. Alex Grant was found ice cold in the park and declared dead by the paramedics but is still alive with a gunshot wound. He has surgery and survives.

-Alex says his roommate Paul shot him. Police find Paul dead in a garbage truck.

-Paul worked for Councilwoman Jill Bennett who pushed through the building of a new school in her district. Unfortunately the school was built on hazardous waste. 

-Paul was a cancer survivor thanks to a bone marrow transplant from Alex. He was going to go public with the environmental reports.  Bennett's chief of staff Emily set him up to be killed because the scandal would have killed her and the councilwoman's careers. Alex being shot was collateral damage.

-Samantha confides in Bud that her brother was shot and killed in a drive by shooting.

-Peter and Megan begin to share more personal information with one another.

Body of Proof
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Body of Proof Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

Relax Doc. I get my rocks off the regular way.


It seems Ethan has misplaced a body.