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-Johnny Vasquez is found shot to death. Johnny is really Eddie Castillo, an undercover cop.

-Castillo's partner, Det. Charlie Meeks is Peter's former partner who saved him when he was shot.

-Megan thinks Meeks may have set up another suspect and may have murdered Castillo.  Peter defends his former partner.

-Megan and Curtis find out that someone tampered with the murder weapon and cut themselves. They ask Meeks for a blood sample and then arrest him.

-Meeks' Captain then has every officer sign a statement about their involvement in the case. Meeks arrest was a set to find the killer with the cut on his hand. Det. Lopez is arrested for murder.

-Megan meets Bud's wife Jeanie and diagnoses that she has gestational diabetes.  


Body of Proof
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Body of Proof Season 2 Episode 12 Quotes

Kirsten: You think I killed Johnny?
Samantha: I can't say that would shock us.

Bud: How do you women do it.
Megan: Do what?
Bud: Survive pregnancy?