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-Renee Caldwell, a patient in a mental hospital is murdered by a blow to the head with a hammer.  When Tommy and Megan investigate, Darby, another patient tells them she saw a man sneak through a heating vent.


-Dr. Malcolm and Darby's mother say she's crazy. Darby claims her mother committed her to keep her from telling how her mother murdered her little sister.  


-Megan believes Darby and feels a kinship to the young girl who no on listens too.


-Turns out Darby did murder her little sister and her mother covered it up but had her committed to get her help. Then Darby killed Renee to try and convince investigators that she wasn't crazy and should be released.


-Megan finds out that Tommy dated Officer Dunn.  She tells him they should leave their relationship in the past.


-Joan refuses to allow Megan to exume her father's body.  Megan asks Charlie for help.

Body of Proof
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Body of Proof Season 3 Episode 10 Quotes

Megan: Darby seemed different than the other girls.
Tommy: Yeah, a different kind of crazy.

Trust me. I'm saving myself for someone special.