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-A sick Air Marshall starts shooting on a passenger jet and brings down the plane. Tommy and Riley go in search of part of the missing fuselage while Megan and Charlie sort through the survivors and the dead.


-The plane crash caused a blackout. At the morgue generator is sabotaged and the body of Carla, one of the victims goes missing.  It is later found stuffed in the elevator shaft. Megan finds Carla was a drug mule and the cocaine balloons from her abdomen have been cut out.


-Tommy and Riley get into an accident and are cut off at the crash site. They work to save Pam, an injured flight attendant. 


-Megan panics when she hears Tommy is missing and fears for his life.


-Adam is unhappy with Kate when he sees her working the press during the disaster to further her political career.


-Turns out the flight attendant drugged the Air Marshall when he suspected Carla as a drug mule. Then Pam's husband showed up at the morgue supposedly checking on Pam and took the drugs from Carla's body.


-Afterwards, Megan goes to the police station to tell Tommy how she feels about him, only to see him walk out with Riley.


Body of Proof
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Body of Proof Season 3 Episode 11 Quotes

First rule of surviving an apocalypse, batteries.


What's the deal with you and Detective Tommy Sullivan? Am I going to have to fight a duel with that guy every time I want to ask you out, or what?