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-An unidentified body with no hands and a disfigured face sends Kate back to the morgue to perform a facial reconstruction. She begins to wonder why she left this work and decided to try for public office.


-Megan and Tommy exhume her father's casket but there is no body inside. Megan goes through all of her father's belongings and finds a key that opens a hidden compartment in his study.


-Inside the compartment they find the medical file of Lindsey Pratt, a woman who was murdered the day before Megan's father died. 


-Lindsey Pratt was said to have been killed by a serial killer but Megan proves that the causes of death were different and that Lindsey was actually killed by an outdated police choke hold. 


-Megan believes the lead detective who is now retired, Glen Fitz killed Lindsey and her father because her father found the true cause of death. 


-Trent Marsh follows Megan and offers to kill her father's killer. Megan tells him she will take Fitz down legally.


-Megan goes to the Police Captain and tell her she has proof that Fitz was involved.  The Captain pulls a gun on Megan. When the Captain was a rookie, she killed Lindsey when a fight over a boyfriend went wrong. Det. Fitz's partner covered it up.


-The Captain killed David Hunt, and later killed Detective Fitz to cover it up. She's about to kill Megan when Trent Marsh shoots and kills her, saving Megan.  Then he disappears and no one can find him.


-Megan later goes to Tommy. She says she needs to forgive the past and she realizes how much he's been there for her. She wonders why he's put up with her. He says she's worth it and they kiss.

Body of Proof
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Body of Proof Season 3 Episode 13 Quotes

Tommy: Look Megan, the ball was in your court. You took it out of play.
Megan: It didn't take you long to find another game.

I didn't want to leave you Pumpkin but like I said, this world is not for me.

David Hunt