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-Charlie Stafford formerly of the CDC becomes the new city Health Commissioner and works with Megan when a mysterious rabies outbreak makes it appear as though citizens have turned into zombies.


-The victims were given tissues transplants from a donor who unknowingly acquired rabies from a stray dog bite. 


-When trying to track the donor, they stumble across a serial killer who is abducting college students, torturing and killing them and then selling them for parts. 


-As they track the latest victim, Tommy shoots the killer before he can murder the next young man. 


-Megan turns down a date with Tommy and later goes out to dinner with Charlie. Licking his wounds, Tommy asks out a female officer instead. 


-The handwriting analysis on Megan's father's suicide note shows that he wrote it but was under duress. It's unclear whether that means he was mentally unbalanced or someone forced him to write it.

Body of Proof
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Body of Proof Season 3 Episode 7 Quotes

Nice guys don't try to eat people.


Tommy: I was just going to call you.
Megan: But you decided to service your weapon instead.
Tommy: Yes, sometimes it's all a guy's got.