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Stanley Belridge, an accountant who competed in a Western Style Shooting competition is found dead, shot five times almost a month ago. With all of the suspects competing at the next competition, Booth decides to go undercover as Big River Buck but Brennan is stuck at the lab. When Brennan finds Booth looking at motorcycles, she thinks that their marriage may be becoming boring and thinks Booth is looking for excitement. She decides to leave the lab and join him undercover as Wild Card Wanda.

At first, Wanda excels at the competition which she points out to Buck. Booth tells her he’s holding back because of his training. She says that perhaps he’s having trouble because these are old style guns and not what he’s used to. Booth turns around and wins the rest of the competitions, quickly rising to the top of the chart. 

Turns out Stanley won the $10,000 last month but never cashed the check. The owners of the competition, Luke and Francine are both suspects. Turns out that Stanley figured out through his accounting job that Luke was stealing money from Francine, but Luke didn’t kill him. Turns out it was Rose, Francine’s friend who feared once the truth about the theft came out she’d lose her beloved horse. She moved Stanley’s body on horseback where his skull sustained thousands of tiny micro-fractures when his head repeatedly hit the metal stirrup.  

Cam’s seeing Sebastian but she’s not ready to label it or talk about it with friends. When Sebastian asks her out on a romantic walk, she turns him down. Daisy overhears and encourages Cam to take a chance on love again. Later, Cam meets up with Sebastian and asks him to go for a walk. He gladly accept.s 

Angela offers to take Christine and Hank for the weekend. She tells Hodgins she wants to talk about having a bigger family but Hodgins seems reluctant. Later, he admits that he likes their family the size that it is, at least for now and he’s not ready to have more children just yet. 


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Bones Season 11 Episode 9 Quotes

Aubrey: You just want to dress up and play cowboy for the weekend.
Booth: Well, if I can do that and solve a crime, who wouldn't want to do that?

I understand how hard it is to open your heart again after a loss. It takes time and it takes courage but at some point you have to risk it. If you don't, you just shrink a little inside.