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Bones, or the impression of bones, were found in concrete. A street performer's skull inside an newly-constructed outdoor theater, to be precise.

The team used some insane science to form a plastic replica of the skeleton and find out what happened.

Sweets interrogated a bronze-covered fellow who communicated only in Shakespearean.

Using both gold dust and zinc powder, Jack was able to pull a hand print off of a six-month old piece of plastic previously topped with a ton of concrete.

This writers kept us guessing if it was going to be a female performer that did him in, or a rival street dancer, or even his former ballet teacher.

When they mentioned that the victim was a pick-pocket himself, the ballet and hip-hop dancers were taken out of the equation.

It was the female performer at Kolorama Park.

Meanwhile, Hannah is shot covering a story in D.C., and Bones reveals a condition she has that went undiagnosed by her doctors.

Hannah had a fracture that could lead to internal bleeding and be fatal. Now that Bones has saved her life, she won't.

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Bones Season 6 Episode 5 Quotes

The fluidity with which you move should not be possible. It's like you have no Bones. I'm an expert on bones, and that is impressive!


That's it? Order me up a six foot guy, 37 years old with a good income and no mommy issues?