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This episode of Bones serves as the backdoor pilot of "The Finder." The spinoff stars an old acquaintance of Booth's and his motley crew of Miami seekers who assist the Jeffersonian in closing a case far from home.

A museum security guard’s remains end up in a marsh, Booth and Brennan are sent to investigate the matter, as the marsh is considered FBI jurisdiction. While there, Booth discerns that they need help locating the missing map that the security guard allegedly took. Booth takes Brennan to Walter, an “old friend” with a special gift for finding things both tangible and intangible. The reunion results in a rather rowdy introduction. Thus, we meet “The Finder.”

The episode follows Walter and his eccentric posse, which includes a spiritual legal advisor, who also doubles as an enforcer, and an Aussie bartender/pilot.

Through a series of plot twists and turns, Walter and company uncover the whereabouts of a lost treasure ship with some assist by the Jeffersonian team. They find the museum guards murderer, who also claims another victim during the episode. The guard worked at museum, which specialized in showcasing maritime artifacts, including those found by the piece of the treasure map stolen from the museum.

It finally comes out in the end why Booth so despises Walter, which traces back to the day Parker was born.

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Bones Season 6 Episode 19 Quotes

I am the finder, you are the catchers.


...Except mine is real, not some magical finder power.