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Broadsky prepares for his latest kill, which he executes with sublime accuracy.

The body is a man who was in witness protection. He testified against a money-laundering drug lord and while the fellow he put behind bars technically ordered the hit, it was only after Broadsky called him.

Booth realizes there must be a connection between this dead witness and the gravedigger and he discovers it's a former U.S. Marshall whose life Broadsky saved in Afghanistan.

He confronts her, and she feels really bad. Then she kills herself.

Broadsky is having bullets specially made so that they'll explode adjacent to their target. And his next target is going to be in the women's bathroom at the courthouse.

Booth tries to take the sniper out, but can't quite get it done.

Brennan makes him question whether there can be such a thing as a just killing. But Booth and Broadsky are nothing alike.

Angela's dad returns and wants to name their baby Staccato Mamba.

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