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Booth is trying to grab a set of old stadium seats and cram them into the steel-grate elevator of his building during a blizzard when there's a potential outbreak of Crimean-Congo Hemorrhagic Fever going on.

You know where this is going.

He and Brennan got the seats in there, only to get stuck inside when the power went out. Then Booth threw his back out, and then, after some prodding and a little help from Sweets, confessed his feelings for Brennan.

He admitted he loves her, in not as many words, and that there will be a time when he's ready to explore those feelings. She said there will be a time when she'll accept.

They both wrote the dates down and set them ablaze - superstitiously their way of making it come true.

Meanwhile, the legal dream team of Hodgins, Angela, Wendell and Cam got the job done in the office, cracking the case with old school detective work.

The real shock came when we learned Hodgins and Angela both carry a gene that will leave their child with a one in four chance of being blind.

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