Watch Bones Season 10 Episode 3 Online to watch the team investigate the murder of a controversial talk radio host, leading Booth and Brennan to investigate a sex dungeon.

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In Bones Season 10 Episode 3, Booth, Brennan, and the rest of team investigate the murder of the controversial talk radio host. The investigation doesn't lead where one might expect though: Booth and Brennan find themselves investigating a sex dungeon since the victim was involved in S&M. After an emotional start to the season, this episode lightens the mood and returns the show to its case-by-case format.

As for the main characters, Brennan expresses concern for Booth. He hasn't been dealing with his trauma, and he hasn't been sleeping well. Of course, he denies having any trouble. Booth is also having trust issues, and admits that he doesn't trust anyone but Brennan. Aubrey tries to form a partnership with Booth, but Booth is hesitant to let him help solve the case.

This episode also lightens things up a bit with a squintern we haven't seen very much: Rodolfo Fuentes, who Angela calls "eye candy." And Hodgins reminds everyone that he is "King of the Lab."

So how does Brennan react to the sex dungeon? And is Booth going to deal with his demons any time soon? Watch Bones Season 10 Episode 3 Online now to find out!

Episode Details

On this episode of Bones, Brennan worries about Booth's state of mind and his abliity to trust. Meanwhile, they investigate teh dead of a talk radio host.

Rating: 3.6 / 5.0 (66 Votes)
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Bones Season 10 Episode 3 Quotes

Angela: What? He's eye candy. Just deal with it.
Hodgins: You here just to gawk, or did you finish your reconstruction?

I'll sleep when I'm tired. But for now, I'm gonna make you pancakes.