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This episode opens with two school girls happening upon dead body -- half of which has been eaten by rodents. After two weeks of intense, emotional episodes, Bones has now returned to its case-by-case format.

Early in the episode, Brennan expresses concern for Booth's state of mind, saying that he hasn't been sleeping well. Brennan is worried something is wrong, and reminds him that he's been through a lot. She is concerned that he isn't dealing with his trauma. That conversation is cut short, though, when they are called to a crime scene.

Booth and Brennan join the team at the scene, and Aubrey joins as well. He's not used to the gruesome scenes that the others are, and gags at the sight of the body. Cam and Booth make light of that a little, rating the dead body in its grossness based on what they've seen in the past.

This episode also includes Rodolfo Fuentes, who is this week's squintern. He openly flirts with Angela, and Hodgins rolls his eyes. Hodgins and Angela are prominent in this episode too, helping solve the case in their unique ways. And Hodgins reminds everyone that he is "King of the Lab."

Aubrey continues to try and get Booth to trust him, but Booth resists. Brennan talks with Booth about his trust issues, and the fact that he isn't letting Aubrey help as much as he could. Brennan is even worried that Booth hasn't been going to church lately.

In a lighter moment, Brennan and Booth discuss their case. It turns out that the victim, a talk radio host, was involved in S&M. Then they investigate the "sex dungeon," which actually seems to amuse Brennan.

Eventually, Brennan convinces Booth to let Aubrey help interrogate a witness, and it seems like Booth might try to trust him after all.


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Bones Season 10 Episode 3 Quotes

Angela: What? He's eye candy. Just deal with it.
Hodgins: You here just to gawk, or did you finish your reconstruction?

I'll sleep when I'm tired. But for now, I'm gonna make you pancakes.