Expelling the Bugs - BrainDead
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There is a live previously on! Some guy dumps a dollar into his coffee. Haha.

Gustav goes to the window to tell him to move on. 

Laurel said if they don't have the cherry blossoms, the alients don't survive. There are 38 days of the season left. That's why the need the project finished fast.

Laurel gets to Red's office to find Gareth's parents. Dad is sporting a Trump hat.

The sit-in is ending. Everyone got tired. Luke manages to get everyone back into the room, bigger and better.

The CIA dude comes to Luke and threatens him. When Laurel comes in to witness it, dude leaves.

Dad is probably turning on Luke, saying he leaked. Rochelle thinks shame is what will turn Dad Healy around. Luke doesn't really care. 

Luke and Laurel tell each other face to face they love each other.

Gustav and Rochelle try to sabotage the nearby cherry blossoms, but fail. 

Laurel tries to reach her dad by reaching the man he never was. He passes out on the floor and the bugs run right out of his head.

Luke goes to see Red, who attempts to kill him. 

Gareth gives Red his badge back but it has Gustav's face on it. Uh oh.

Now Rochelle wants to get to the wild cherry blossoms.

Laurel and Gareth are talking about shaming alients while having sex. It must be a great aphrodisiac. 

Gareth finally realizes why Red has been calling Laurel Lana. 

They get Luke to stop the sit-in by finding a sex tape. He complies and calls for a vote of the Senate Majority.

Gustav and Rochelle get stopped and have to explain the fertilizer. That's when we discover Gustav is NSA.

Laurel cannot believe the vote happened. Then she finds out Luke's plan was to have the Motorcycle Helmet Law pass, as well. It supercedes the Farm Bill on issues that pass state lines. Yay!

Laurel goes in to see Red. She catches him off guard when she starts to talk about Lana and even pulls her hair back a little to look more like her. Laurel says she was an illegal immigrant who he turned in and he's been ashamed ever since. 

Lana is dead now. He sent her to Guatemala. She was born here, but her parents weren't. He pulls a gun on Laurel. Gareth runs in, a tussle starts. A shot rings out.

My butt! The queen doesn't need any of that crap. She flies out and runs across the floor. No Name the Intern walks in, squashing her. Whoops. He'll get some paper towels and wipe that up.

The squeal of alients can be heard all around the capitol. 

The alients are hightailing it toward Red's office. They are after their queen's guts. 

They all pile up and eat each other or something. The invasion is over. Our couple is together forever. Lots of people have half brains.

Luke is working on Wall Street. It's a happy ending!

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BrainDead Season 1 Episode 13 Quotes

Laurel: I don't belong here.
Luke: Look how much you've accomplished.
Laurel: I don't even know how what I'm doing half the time.
Luke: Well, that's a lot better than most of the people around here.

You need to stand down and let the professionals do their job.