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Luke believed all the CIA stuff. Laurel seems hesitant and discusses it with her posse. 

Gustav and Rochelle think the best idea is for Laurel to take Red up on his offer of money for her film.

AHHH! Red is having problems as a result of his injured queen. Ella notices and calls him on it. 

The Farm Act dude is onto something. Hopscotching. Jumping from footnote to footnote.

Laurel's friend Jake comes bearing good news. They've been given $2 million for the movie. 

Laurel is certain it's Red trying to get rid of her because of the foundation's request they start in 3 weeks.

She looks up the foundation and makes a decision.

Laurel goes to Gustav and Rochelle. She's out. For some reason, she doesn't tell them the truth and Gustav thinks she's just done with them and going it alone.

Gareth isn't happy to hear Laurel is leaving in one week.

He's also not happy to hear Red needs him and wants him to carry the ball.

Ella puts a hit out on Gareth, essentially.

They're not internment houses. They're hothouses. 

Luke goes to the fat fake CIA dude about the 80 hothouses. The guy tells Luke to do him the courtesy of not assuming he doesn't know how to do his job.

Luke says it is his job, since he's voting on that bill and in the bill is the plan for the 80 hothouses. Luke knows the CIA is lying. He tells Laurel the business as well as the lie he told about the bugs infiltrating the water. 

Laurel doesn't want to hear it because she wants to leave now. Luke goes to see his dad. He can't believe it. He's on his own. 

Later, at the vote, he suggests they carve out the farm amendment. After Red says something really dumb, the motion is moved.

At the same time, Gareth is attacked while Nabucco, Act III, Chorus of The Hebrew Slaves plays. He uses a pizza box to defend himself.

Laurel is visibly upset Gareth was joking about asking her to marry him. She asks him to join her to finish her movie. He won't do it because he doesn't want to be her kept man. 

When Luke doesn't get his vote, he and others protest by way of sit in. So there!

Red gets a visit from Ella. She underestimates him. He kills her and his queen kills her king. It's a bloody good time!

The sit-in is a go. Luke's making it look great, and Laurel tells him so.

Red gets the video turned off. 

Laurel hears people singing and realizes there is beautiful music everywhere. She can't leave until the job is done.

She goes to the senate floor and shows Luke he does have video, on his phone. 

Red sees the Periscope feed and asks how to shut it off. Gareth says you don't.

Laurel goes to Gareth, kisses him and says she's there until the end.

Laurel then heads over to see Gustav and Rochelle. She knows what they want to do and how to stop it.

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BrainDead Season 1 Episode 12 Quotes

Laurel: I don't belong here.
Luke: Look how much you've accomplished.
Laurel: I don't even know how what I'm doing half the time.
Luke: Well, that's a lot better than most of the people around here.

You need to stand down and let the professionals do their job.