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Sklyer and Walt came clean to their family this week... sort of. They scheduled a dinner at Hank and Marie's to announce them those two and to Walt Jr. that they are rich because Walt has a gambling problem.

During the meal, Hank also showed Walt Gale's file and opened up about the case. He thinks Gale was Heisenberg and he laments the fact that he didn't catch him. Among the details that frightened Walt from all he saw: an entry in Gale's journal that read "To W.W." and Hank saying the police found fingerprints at the murder scene.

Later, Jesse - who is still partying like a mad, depressed man; and barely even caring when a guest steals his drug money, which Mike recovers - doesn't show up for work and Walt knows why: Gus will never let the police get to him. The episode ends with Mike driving Jesse to... someplace.


- The cartel opened the episode by shooting up one of Gus' chicken trucks.

- Saul told Walt about a man who could help him vanish, but Walt didn't want the guy's card.

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