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Gus outmaneuvers Walt once again this week, as we learn Jesse was not taken by Mike to be killed. Instead, he's accompanying Mike on a series of cash pick-ups, which is practically a promotion.

At the final stop, with Mike inside, two men approach the car with shotguns, but Jesse grabs the keys and the wheel and gets himself out of there. He later returns for Mike and then we later learn it was all a ploy by Gus to make Jesse feel like a hero. And it worked on two accounts:

  1. He feels better about himself and is inspired to work.
  2. Walt feels more ostracized than ever from the business.

Out of that frustration, Walt tells Hank - who had earlier given up on the Gale case - that perhaps Gale isn't Heisenberg. Maybe he was just copying from the real Heisenberg. Hank then takes a look at new evidence and wonders why a vegan such as Gale as a fried chicken menu in his apartment.

Elsewhere: Walt and Skyler have sex, but he balks at moving back in. Too bad: she goes ahead and tells Walt. Jr. that his dad is coming home.

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