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Among the major developments this week:

- Jesse returned to his support group and went on about killing a "dog." We all know who he meant, of course. He couldn't bring himself to accept this fact. He didn't even want to accept the fact. Guilt has overtaken him.

- It was brought to the forefront again because Walt wants Jesse to kill Gus. He made him the same concoction that was used on Tuco and Jesse sort of had a chance to slip it into Gus' coffee, but he could not do it.

- When did this chance come up? When Gus met with a rep from the Cartel, who did not want to negotiate. He just asked Gus, "Yes or no?" Gus chose no.

- Skyler was shocked at how much money Walt brings per year and must figure out how to launder it.

- Hank went to major work. He got Gus' fingerprints off a soda cup, and he put the entire mystery together. He determined that a global conglomerate owns Pollo Hermanos and that Gus was inside Gale's apartment. He delivered this information to his former boss and partner to end the episode.

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