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"Collected" put the team on the trail of a violent criminal holding kidnapped women in basement prisons throughout the Northeast. A rundown of events:

- Philly was bounced from the team for trying to escape. She was sent back to prison and her sentence was doubled. A mysterious new girl named Erica takes her place.

- The team must find Xavier Price.  He has kidnapped three women and is holding them in three different basement prisons. He gets to the first one, burns the house she was held in, then strangles the woman.

- Julianne tracks down his second house through tax records and the team rescues the woman held inside.

- When Lloyd pushes Erica about her child, she snaps and hits him, risking being kicked off the team.

- Erica helps Julianne find the third house. Xavier burns the house but the team rescues the woman and arrests Xavier.

- Erica's father was a bounty hunter who was killed. Erica was suspected of tracking and killing his murderers but there was only evidence to convict her on weapons charges. Her daughter was taken from her when she went to prison. Charlie and Ray give her a second chance to stay on the team.

- Ray tells Charlie he knows he has a heart condition and that was what kept him out of the field for years.

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