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-Theodore Bagwell, aka T-Bag escapes from prison while being transported to receive a new prosthetic arm.

-The team track T-Bag after he kills the two transport guards. He then kills two paramedics and steals their ambulance. When it runs out of fuel he cons a woman at a conference. He drugs her and while driving her back to her hotel, takes her car and her ring and pushes her out of the moving vehicle  .

-Turns out T-bag is after the two men who violated his dying mother in a nursing home and stole her jewelry.  He kills the first man by stabbing him with every utensil in the kitchen before shooting him.  The second he kills using a rock grinder in a quarry as Ray and Charlie fail to save him. 

-T-bag is caught by the team as he tries to visit his mother one last time.  They let him say goodbye to her and give her the ring he stole.

-Lloyd is fascinated by T-bag and tries to analyze him.  When T-bag taunts him, he tells him his analysis is that sometimes the machine simply comes out of the factory broken and T-bag is a broken machine.  T-bag agrees. 

Breakout Kings
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Breakout Kings Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

This isn't a hospital, OK. This is a pickup bar for the grim reaper and everybody's putting out.


I won't be seeing you in heaven but you enjoy it for the both of us, OK.