He was a rat. He died a rat's death.


You throw a rock in Queens you're going to hit a Jose Rodriguez.


We just put our fates in the hands of an ex-gangbanger convict.


For a traumatized Asian stripper she seemed really reliable.


Charlie: You like jokes Lloyd? You ever hear the one about the psychiatrist who got his teeth knocked out?
Lloyd: It wasn't funny, though.

Charlie: Why is your underwear on a chair, Lloyd.
Lloyd: I sleep unencumbered, Charles. Sweet dreams.

I'm not like you. I don't wear my kid on my sleeve.


I will not go back to making bunks and cleaning toilets just to hang a do on disturb sign on my ass.


Julianne: It'll be me. I mean the Marshals already tossed me once.
Lloyd: Like they'd really shoot Bambi.

Mechanic: Hey man, I'm just a mechanic.
Charlie: Yeah and I just have a tan.

The deal was minimum security. Now you want to throw me in Attica? Kiss my black ass.


Dude, I'm from Washington Heights. I've barely been on grass in my life.


Breakout Kings Quotes

Lowery: Acute emotional deregulation, elevated rage distortion, no..
Charlie: So, Tilman is dangerous. OK. That's some insight.

Ray: And necessity being the mother of all evil...
Charlie: Invention.
Ray: Whatever.