Brothers & Sisters Review: "Love All"

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If last night's episode of Brothers & Sisters taught us anything, it's that we never want to cross paths with the a$$-kicking mixed doubles machine that is Kevrah. If it taught us a second thing, it's that the show will drag out stories like no other.

This isn't a complaint ... necessarily. The payoff had better be good, though, regarding the Narrow Lake situation and Robert's mysterious dealings with Stanton.

Fortunately, the cast is always great and all episodes are entertaining on their own merits. "Love All" was no exception (and we appreciate the tennis wordplay).

Before we get to that, though, there is new trouble on the Rebecca and Justin front (it had been a good couple of minutes). She makes an offer on a bungalow.

Problem is, Justin hasn't seen it yet. He's a little preoccupied and considering reenlisting in the war. The death of his friend has clearly thrown him for a loop.

Holly and Rebecca

Will Rebecca take some of her money back from Ojai for a house?

Rebecca is confused as to her man's intentions, but Robert and Nora are on to him. He finally opens up about being in the military and how he felt a part of something.

Justin tells Rebecca that they work well together, but he wants to feel like part of something else, too. He appears to be leaning against reenlisting, but it's open-ended.

He may go, he may not. Robert opines that the pull of serving his country and committing to what he started may be too strong, despite Nora and Rebecca's wishes.

That would be a huge twist. Might Dave Annable's Justin be one of the multiple characters in jeopardy come the season finale? Reenlisting would certainly cause that.

Elsewhere, Kevin is really struggling to find his purpose with Saul and Scotty are talking about opening a restaurant together. Kev's acting more bratty than usual.

He may even have little Cooper beat in that department.

Cooper is having trouble with Luc stepping into his mom's life and he's not shy about showing his dislike for Sarah's new beau. He's going to have to get over it, though.

With Gilles Marini joining the cast full time, you knew the family-themed show would address the introduction of Luc to the family sooner or later. They picked sooner.

Luc isn't happy that Sarah isn't doing more to punish Cooper for his bad behavior, Sarah tells him to butt out, things get ugly. But then they get heavy in a good way.

He tells her he wants to be there in full force, to be a role model for the kids. It's a very sweet scene - Gilles actually shows he has chops beyond looking smoldering.

In the end, he and Cooper bond over martial arts. There's hope yet!

Luc is Here to Stay

Nice to see Luc not taking his new role lightly.

Cooper is fascinated with the drilling going on at Narrow Lake, as the clan tries to figure out what's going on there ... his guess is still as good as ours at this point.

The company is bleeding money but is selling land to make ends meet as it hopes to unravel this ongoing mystery. We can't wait to finally - finally - learn what it is.

Speaking of mysteries, Robert's new gig involves catching someone named Stanton who is making a national security deal to make a lot of money for himself.

Robert is to catch him cheating at a charity benefit Stanton is throwing the next day. Meanwhile, Kitty is trying to get endorsements from key Republican figures.

It's unclear just what Stanton knows or whether Robert will eventually uncover what he's after, but with the season finale in two weeks, it should be good.

Random thoughts:

  • Wasn't Rebecca's money funding the drilling?
  • The tennis scene was predictably funny and awkward, just like those family things always are. Despite the soapy nature of the show, it's so true to life.
  • Nora tells Sarah that parenting never gets easy even if they're grown. You can say that again - five kids and four seasons over in the matriarch's case.

What was your favorite story last night? Which Walker would you partner with? Do you think Robert's "job" is going to backfire? Comment away!

Love All Review

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