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Scotty and Saul and prepping a test menu for the restaurant they're opening in a month's time.

Scotty has found a daycare center close to the restaurant.

Then Kitty calls and tells him that Nora is joining her on that weekend's campaign stops. She's hoping Kevin will say it's a good idea. He does not.

Actually, he tells her it's campaign suicide. Then Kitty has to hang up, because guess who has just arrived. Yes, Nora and she brought depressed Sarah along.

Saul announces he has a new friend request on Facebook. It's an old flame of his from two decades before. Then, Scotty realizes that the guy has been living with HIV for 20 years.

Saul seems a little taken aback and he asks the guys if they still get tested. They say yes, but when they ask him, he says no.

After all, he hasn't had sex in a long time.

Later in the semi-privacy of their room, Scotty tells Kevin he's worried about Saul not getting tested for HIV.

Saul overhears and tells them that there's really no need.

They offer to go with him, but Saul says he'll get tested when he goes into his doctor in a month for his cholesterol.

The doctor tells him that it's totally possible for someone to live with HIV for 20 years and not have symptoms.

He tells her about his old flame and then agrees to take a test.


While on the road to Narrow Lake, a website accuses Kitty of using Robert's jet for campaigning. Kitty says she won't even respond to the accusation.

The next morning, the women wake up after what seems like the most drunken facial party anyone's ever had.

Then Kitty gets a phone call telling her to check out the site.

Overnight, someone left a comment there, who knew exactly what Kitty spent on the wig she wore during chemotherapy. Someone is out to get her.


He's having a screaming match with the man who hired him to get dirt on Stanton, who told Robert he would ruin Kitty's campaign if he turned over the evidence against him to the government.

Now, Robert's boss wants it, but he refuses to endanger Kitty.

Later that night, Robert calls Justin over to his place. Upon arrival, Justin sees a prescription bottle on the dresser and checks it out.

Robert then tells him that he's the only one he can trust and gives him a key that opens a safe deposit box.

He tells Justin they're the only ones with access to the box. He then tells Justin that when he figures out what he wants to do with the box's contents, he'll tell him.

But... he also says that if anything happens to him, he should give the contents of the box to Kitty and let her make the decision.

The next day, Justin and Rebecca are driving.

He's on the phone with a professor presumably asking about Robert's prescription pills, which he finds out are linked to some kind of ventricular illness, which seems to alarm Justin.

When he gets off the phone, he tells her the call was for school when she asks. Then, Rebecca tells him that maybe they should both be able to do their own thing.

She should take the job and he should go to Haiti.

When he protests, she drops a bomb. She accepted the job already. He goes ballistic and tells her he won't go to Haiti then and she has gotten what she wanted.

Everyone on edge

Kitty tells Robert about the online site. She has tried to track the group behind them, but they're not a registered lobbying group.

She fears someone has it out for her and doesn't know who or why.

Instead of telling her the truth, Robert says it's because she's winning the polls right now. Kitty doesn't seem convinced, though.

She then feels a moment of weakness as she wonders if she really can hold the office. What if her cancer came back, she wonders.

Robert tells her not to go there.

Meanwhile, Saul is still rubbing everyone wrong.

When Kevin makes a joke about him, Saul goes off. He tells them that they don't understand what life was like for him as a gay man.

They have their domestic partnership, a baby on the way and their yearly HIV tests. He was afraid he'd get beaten up if he walked into a gay bar.

All this comfort level around homosexuality is hard for him and now he has to confront the possibility that he has HIV himself.

He then storms out of the house passing Kitty and Robert.

In the living room, Holly calls Sarah to tell her that drilling at Narrow Lake has begun again and Nora approved. Sarah goes off on Nora.

Justin wants Robert to tell him more about the circumstances surrounding the safety deposit box. When he refuses, he then asks about the drugs.

Robert admits his heart arrhythmia has returned. When Justin further voices his doubt over keeping this all secret, Robert asks for the key back.

Just then, Kevin comes out to announce that dinner is ready. Robert goes in and Saul returns to the house. Kevin apologizes to him and Saul accepts.

Just as the family is about to dig in, Robert begins to lose his balance and asks that someone call 911.

The next morning Kitty wakes up in a hospital room to find Robert staring at her. She's not okay that he kept his condition secret.

He says he just wanted her to focus on her campaign. Nora tells him that she loves his strong, stoic side, but he can't just hide all vulnerability.

Pretty convincing, as Robert spills the details on Stanton and the attacks on her campaign. Later, he apologizes to Justin.

Nora confronts Saul about his test.

He tells her how he led a secret life all those years and he never really let himself get involved with the same person more than once.

She wants him to call for his results as she's sitting there. After saying no, she persists and he makes the call. Tearfully, he says he's fine.

Just then, Sarah tells Nora they have to get over to Narrow Lake.

Ojai Water

Water is bursting out of the ground. Holly happily informs them that they're in the water business. It's like the deepest well ever.

Afterward, everyone loads back into their cars for the drive back to the city. Justin catches Rebecca and they agree to support each other.

In the car ride home, Kitty and Robert agree that he should release the tapes and Stanton is in for a fight.

Then Holly calls Rebecca to tell her that she and Nora think they should revisit having their wedding in Hawaii. Money changes everything.

Suddenly, Rebecca and Justin drive right into the scene of a horrific multi-car accident and they soon discover their family members are in.

Many of the Walker family are left in bad condition. Rebecca finds Holly unresponsive and bleeding.

Kitty gets a few last words with Robert as he's bleeding.

He tells her that she was right. He was scared when they brought their new son home, but it gave him strength when he saw her holding him.

Then, he apparently loses consciousness.

During the confusion, Kevin finds Saul, blood running down his face and reaches out to help him. He says touch him because, "You can't!"

Brothers & Sisters
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