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Kitty & Robert

Kitty dons a new blonde wig and Robert is all over that. But she worries he is pretending she's someone else. Eventually she sucks it up and shows him her bald head. He says he loves her and it's not because of her hair.

Kevin & Scotty

They have to search a database of eligible egg donors. Scotty says it's weird to be choosing different aspects but Kevin is all kinds of OCD.

They narrow it down to 20 and ask for Nora and Saul's opinions. Saul talks Kevin down from the find-the-perfect-donor ledge because parents and humans are all different in the end. Kevin lets Scotty choose at random.

Nora & Simon

Nora and Simon are going well, even though the age difference clearly bothers her, especially when he invites himself to the wine festival.

Simon says the age thing doesn't matter to him but that it obviously bothers her and it won't work because she lives in a safe little box.

Nora advises Sarah that in Luc, she found a guy who supports her, likes her and likes himself and that's the holy grail of relationships.

Nora then vows to tell Simon that she doesn't live in a safe little box. When she does so, they make up.

Sarah & Luc

Sarah wants Luc to do the label for the wine bottle and he balks, saying he doesn't "paint on demand." He says he'll do it for Sarah but as he paints, they fight about what's good enough and her desire to ... well, be Type A.

She talks him up at the festival but is acting like his agent. They fight because he wants to be creative and it's not enough for Sarah because she wants him to get a Visa so she knows what is going on.

He asks her to just be happy and she can't. Sarah decides to make it work with Luc. She tells him she loves him but he still goes back to France.

Justin & Rebecca

Justin is stressed over a test and can't make time for Rebecca. Rebecca is not liking this ... since she's carrying his child and all. She eventually cries to her dad about how she's six weeks along and Justin doesn't know she's knocked up or want a baby.

Justin finally gets home from school and explains that sometimes he's not going to be there sometimes because he's so busy. So doesn't tell him.

Holly, Saul and Ryan

Saul loves the new, inexpensive wine and wants to enter it in a festival. Ryan is concerned, because he wants the company to fail.

Holly is charging ahead with the wedding plans, assuming that this new wine will help her financial situation. She's psyched after Saul likes the wine and Sarah is supportive.

David reminds her that they are giving her a lot of rope with which to hang herself.

At the festival, the wine goes over very well. It wins the top prize for the Table Wine class.

But Ryan immediately calls the guy looking to buy out Holly. Dennis York says if this wine does well he'll never gain control of Ojai and Ryan should fix the situation.

Holly and Saul find all the wine drained out of the tanks. Wow.

Brothers & Sisters
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Brothers & Sisters Season 4 Episode 8 Quotes

Kitty: Don't you have anything to say?
Robert: Yeah ... it's good to be home.

[to Kitty] I love you... for reasons that have nothing to do with your hair.