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Judge Abernathy asks Bull if the TAC team will help her son, ADA Richmond Abernathy, on a difficult case. Sam Whalen, an 18 year old college student is found drown after a fraternity hazing incident. All of the fraternity brothers swear that Sam made it back to his room that night, but Bull says they are all lying. 

When all 15 fraternity brothers stick to the same story, Bull convinces the ADA to charge them all with manslaughter in the hopes that one of them will break and look to cut a deal, but none of them do. They offer Sam’s roommate immunity and push him to tell the truth on the stand, but he continues to lie. 

As the judge is about to throw out the case for lack of evidence, Bull asks her to allow them one more witness. They put Sam’s mother on the stand, and she explains how devastating it is to know that someone provided the alcohol, someone pushed her son in the water, and someone decided to encourage everyone to walk away and leave him there but she’ll never know who because everyone is covering it up. 

Bull, Benny, and the ADA confront the fraternity’s ring leader and tell him they have two parents calling them asking for immunity. They want to know if he’s going to take all of his frat brothers down with him and threaten him with 15 years for manslaughter and another 10 years for obstruction of justice. Bull offers to put in a good word with the judge if he does come forward. He does testify to what happened and the judge sentences him to 2 years in prison, and the rest of the frat brothers to 500 hours of community service.

Bull is concerned when Marissa is late to work for the first time in six years. She eventually tells him she went out on a date and ended up having an “irresponsible night.” Bull assures her that she can call on him for anything at any time. Later, Bull hurries back to the office to tell Marissa about how they won the case and is disappointed to find that she’s left for the night. 



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Bull Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

Hey, I'm not selling anything. You asked what I thought. Take what you need and leave the rest.


People act differently in groups, they just do. You add alcohol to the mix and they are capable of doing things they would never do if they were alone.