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Dr. Laura Allen, a primary care physician is arrested for transporting CBD oil, derived from marijuana, from New York, where it’s legal, to Virginia, where it isn’t, for 27 of her patients. Assistant U.S. Attorney Sylvia Banner (Dana Delany) is charging her in Federal court. Benny asks for TAC’s to help since Laura’s mother and his late mother were good friends. 

When Bull talks about looking for a bar, Laura questions whether he has a drinking problem. Bull laughs it off. 

Laura is also using the CBD oil on her son, Nicholas, who has leukemia, but could get into even more trouble for giving an illegal substance to a minor. 

Child protective services comes to Laura’s home with a court order to take Nicholas to the hospital for 24 hour observation because they believe he is being denied proper medical care and that illicit drugs are involved. When Laura puts up a fight, Bull convinces her that they take Nicholas to the hospital themselves and that Laura stay with him, but they won’t allow him in his room. 

Nicholas runs from the hospital when he hears that they may start chemotherapy again. Laura goes to find him and misses court. The judge issues an arrest warrant. Laura finds Nicholas and brings him back to the hospital. The doctor’s evaluation is that he couldn’t come up with a better treatment for Nicholas than Laura’s and is willing to testify, but the judge revokes Laura’s bail for missing court. 

Several jurors are still on the fence because Laura still broke the law, even though she was doing so to help her patients and her son. Benny is able to convince them that the law should be in question because the law’s are so different from state to state, and that Laura did her job by doing what was best for her patients. The jury finds Laura not guilty. 



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Bull Season 2 Episode 18 Quotes

Bull: They have bars where you live?
Laura: Of course.
Bull: Then you're on my way.

My baby was living his life again, instead of just waiting to die.